Crazy Juicer-Hot Knife Mod apk Latest Version for Android

Crazy Juicer Mod apk:- Is the Cutting and Slice or Slash Fruits game which is best for time pass and also the game has over 1000+ Levels which have unique challenges and lots of new things to learn and improve the game.


This is the Arcade Game which is exclusively designed for Fruits Game Fans and many of the player like this game but in the game, there are many glitches which affect the gameplay and make worse gaming experience all that information I will get from the reviews of the game.

There are many people now to complain that the game is not working after 1900 levels and they clear all data and play this game from starting and many tell that the challenge mode is pretty bad to play.

About The Crazy Juicer Mod 

In the game, you can see moving fruit targets which you need to smash with blades and ninja stars and many other things you can unlock when you are points in the game. The game is full of enjoyment and very simple controls and to complete any level you need to feel the fresh juice from the fruit which you cut or smash in the game.

After you feel the 4 glasses then you will get the chance to spin the lucky wheel and collect rare rewards. The game is best for killing your boringness and make your day in the lockdown more enjoyable.

There are many other features which you can see in the game and which give you lots of enjoyment after playing the game and the time is past to quickly.

Name:- Crazy Juicer-Hot Knife
Version:- 0.1v
Android Version:- 2.3 Or Higher
Size:- 42.77 MB
Updated on:- 21/05/2019

Crazy Juicer Mod:- Is a very popular game and also in trending in play store it makes your mind relax. Crazy Juicer Mod apk is freely available in the play store. The game has amazing graphics and great sound quality.

Features of the Game

1. Insane Graphics and Amazing Sound Quality 
2. Relax your Mind.
3. Freely available and Great Interface.
4. Normal Controle and Gameplay.
5. Great to Time Pass.

Download Crazy Juicer-Hot Knife Mod apk

Crazy Juicer-Hot Knife Mod apk Latest Version for Android Crazy Juicer-Hot Knife Mod apk Latest Version for Android Reviewed by Gaming Tadka on June 16, 2020 Rating: 5

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