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This article is all about the PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map Information that how many places in this map and the specification of that places that is which place is great for Rank Push which is best for Rush Playing and about Loots in that places. There are lots of places on this map and all are have a great specification that some are great for loot and some are best for a fight and some are great for Rank Push.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi have 24 Different Places, If we see the name of all the places is Given follow:-

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1. Port
2. Zabava
3. Krichas
4. Dobro Mesto
5. Goroka
6. Coal Mine
7. Cosmodrome
8. Trevno
9. Vihar
10. Movatra
11. Villa
12. Mount Kreznic
13. Podvosto
14. Pesh Kova
15. Dino Park
16. Tovar
17. Castle
18. Cement Factory
19. Milnar
20. Abbey
21. Volnova
22. Winery
23. Hot Springs
24. Cantra

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There are So many Places On this map so I can not Give Information about All that places but if you want me to give all Information about all The places then must comment below I will give all Information. But know I will Give you Best 10 Places Information to Increase your Rank and also take the fight with other Players.

1. Villa

Villa is the great Place to fight and Kills and also Improve your KD But it was very Dangerous Place Because all-pro Players can land in this place and that player kills you after getting even a pestle so land in this place at your Risk. This place is Like Pochinki In Erangel, In this place, you can see a single main building and not so great loot you can get here but god's know why so many players can land Here. That Much Player can land here that even your device is all Lag so much so If you have a Hight end Device only then go to the villa.

2. Krichas

Krichas is a great place for loot and Rank Push because in this place only a few players can land and, loots in this place are even better than the Villa. Here you can see much building and many warehouses in which you can see nice guns and other elements. You can even stay here for a long time if the zone in this place and you can push the Rank.

3. Volnova

This is one of those places were I can Land so Much but for me, this place is little not little but very confusing because here you can see much building that attaches to each other. The building that attaches to other buildings is only for demo in that building you can not find any guns even a door to enter but you can see stairs for the climb but there is no door to enter. This is a very bad thing to this place which can kill me any time when playing.

4. Dino Park

Dino Park is a very nice place but the loot in this place is not that nice sometimes, but sometime you will get great things or guns in this place and even you can get a sniper. The main highlight of the place is the middle part of the place where you can see a puzzle area in which you can get so many nice stuff like Guns, Snipers, Drinks, etc. And here you can see the Dinoseores as the name indicate you in the middle of the place and all other in different areas.

5. Winery 

A Winery is also a good place were many players can land and fight with each other because most of the time this place is the hot drop were the plan can go straight up from the place. In this place, you can see much building and also the warehouse where you get the great loots.

6. Castle

Castle is a very royal place that infects this place is that much royal even not a single square can go here because the place is only for royal Players. At the starting of the Vikendi map, you can see a lot of players can land here but know a day very hard some people can go here. This Place is a small island in the middle of the Vikendi map.

7. Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome is a very large area where you see a large open area and only 4-5 buildings you can see very nice loot in this place but difficult to loot that all things if there is also another team island with you because all that loot is in an open area so you can get a shot from anywhere if you will loot in an open area.

 8. Cement Factory

Cement factory as the name indicates that in this place you can see a factory and many buildings and this is a good place for loot and take the fight with other players because here you can see much building and also warehouses.

9. Trevno

Trevno Is my one of the favorite places to land and I will land here many time in this map but my team made called this place as Trivago so this place is always booked for us. You can see lot's of building and very nice loot because this place is on the edge of the map and have great place for Rank Push.

10. Dobro Mesto

Dobro Mesto is nice place which is very large for looting and even fighting but it is sand in the edge of the maps so this is also a great place for rank Push but not in that time was the place comes in hot drop because lot's of players can land here also.

If you want Information about Remaining Places Then Comment Below I Will Write about Them also so Just Comment.
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