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Here you can see the latest Gaming News of April 2020 all news is pure and collected from Google and some game links can provide which is launch in April month so you can enjoy full gaming at home and stay safe.

1. New Android Game Launch Gaming News

Totally Reliable Delivery Service 
The new Android Game is launch and the is Totally Reliable Delivery Service in this game you do the job of delivery man as you can see in the picture and the game graphics and texture and also the character in the are same like human fall flat and the game is based on physics rule.

Gaming News
Gaming News

The Game can ride cars, Bikes, Boat and even plans which very cool to see and the character is much more than the human fall flat. You can play this game with your friend and there is also a single-player campaign and also online players will enter the game.

This Game is Free in play store the Link is Here to Download The Games

2. Dead By Daylight Game News

As you know that this is a PC game But the mobile is coming soon and the beta testing is on work in china so this game is now pre-registered in play store and the date to launch this game for Android is April 16,2020. The Pre-register game link is here and there is also some milestone if you complete them then something is added to the game that is:-
  • Tier 1 (500k Pre-Reg): Weekend shirt | Surf Tone; Hooded Training Top; Two-tone coat; The Scarecrow'2000 Iridescent Shards.
  • Tier 2 (750K): Watermelon Pants; Sports Leggings; Red Flash Boots; Marked Spike Maul; 3000 Iridescent Shards
  • Tier 3 (1M): PreppyFlatcap; Jogging Headband; Colorful Headscarf; Bill Overbeck;5000 Iridescent Shards.
3. Sky Children Of Light

This Game is very Old for PS and PC and now this game is launch as a beta version in android Devices in Playstore and the Graphics of the game is very amazing and smooth to see and the game has very much new things you explore in the game as you see in the picture.

Gaming News
Gaming News

The game is based on traditional even fantasy game and you fly in the game and many more thing to do and some magic also add in the game so you enjoy this game. The Game is the launch for IOS in the previous week but for android, the game is not launched. But I can provide you the Like to Download The Game.

4. Lara Craft Go and Ument Valley 2

These Games are Paid Before the lockdown by now these games are free in play store so you can download them and play them in your boring time to spend your time easily. The first game is Lara Craft Go which is a very unique puzzle game and has nice Graphics to watch play.

Subway Surfers game Mod apk

The second Game is Ument Valley 2 is also the paid game but know it becomes free and it is also a puzzle game as you know both 1 and 2 is hit game so must download the game and enjoy your time at home.

5. PUBG Mobile 0.18

From PUBG the new news is known out which is about the new map for TDM and the Name of the Map is Library as you can see in the Picture that It is based on the Library Room. And The highlight of the game is that after you kill any person on this map then Gun will Change automatically and you got a New Gun. The time in this game is 10 min. so you can just check this map when this map is the launch for all over the world.

Gaming News
Gaming News

PUBG Vikendi Map Full Information All Places

The best part of the game is that you can know able to use any gun and this map is best for your Practice because it will change your Gun after you Kill any of the opponents and when you die then also the gun us Change.

6. Morden Warfare Remaster 2

The Game is Launch and released and this is all surprise launch before the release some of the leaks of the game are out but now the game is launch, but this game is launch only the campaign version, not the multiplayer mode is launch.

Gaming News
Gaming News

But the main highlight is that the game is the launch for PS4 exclusive for 1Month only and for this many fans can disappoint because of why this exclusive for PS and you can play this game in PS4 and the Graphics and the action is amazing which you can see in the picture.

For PC user the game is released for PC on April 30 So if you want to play this game now then you need PS4 otherwise you can wait until this game is the launch for PC.

7. PUBG Fantasy Royal

This mode is very unique to play in this you can not see any changes in the map or something but you can see the weapon updates. The video that I will provide you with the new update you can see here about the update. This mode is for a limited period of time so you enjoy it, it has seen the very funny and unique way to kill your opponent as you can see in the video.

This mode is for pc user so if you have the PUBG in your PC so go and play this mode and comment your opinion with us.

If I miss something then just comment below and I try to give you complete information about you that topic.

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