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ONIKUMA is a great gaming headphone 4 PS4, Xbox, PC, and this headphone has a noise cancellation mic and also a volume control button and the best part of this phone is that it has zero air pressure and durable frame and also have a LED light with soft memory earmuffs.

The headphone is very important for gamers for playing and type of games specially for shooting games and games like PUBG were the sound matters the most and if you have a great sound reflex then you know from where the person is coming.

Gaming Headphone
Gaming Headphone

Feature of the Gaming Headphone

1. Clear Communication

This gaming headphone has a premium omnidirectional microphone and has a top-level noise cancellation technology and great voice pickup in 360 degrees which helps you with chat with another player with voice without any problem.

2. Noise Reduction Microphone

The headphone has a freely move microphone which can adjust at your way which has great sensitivity to the microphone which picks up your voice and transmit it and make a clear and loud retain voice to your other players.

3. Comfortable Gaming Session

The headphone is perfect for all age group gamers and gives you full comfort with adjustable mic and great earmuffs which give you comfort when you play games for a long time.

4. Stereo Surround

The headphone has amazing bass which is hard and very high and has a crystal clear voice this headphone has a stereo sound effect and the ear cups offer you better noise insulation experience.

5. Multi-Platform Compatible

This headphone has perfectly designed for gaming and gaming device like PS4 Xbox and PC laptop smartphone and for the switch, it's only for audio not for the mic. The headphone has amazing features that are specially designed for gaming which helps you very much while playing games for a long time and has a comfort level to the next level.


Product dimension:- 21.5*9.5*19.5 cm
 Weight:- 458g


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