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The Nvidia Control Panel is the best software for gamer those who suffer from the game crush and any gaming regarding the problem.  The Nvidia Control Panel is a modest selection of checkboxes, sliders, and dropdown menus. This software gives you full permission to use the mist of your GeForce Graphics Card.

If you use This software properly and use the whole feature then this makes any game sharper, clearer and very smooth. Some features of the Panel like configuration, anti-aliasing, and other main settings affect your game-play and make then to the next levels.


But there are many features that also affect your game and acquire a few problems and then must read the review to know which feature is should make your gaming experience better.

Nvidia Give You Full Controle of your Game
Nvidia gives you a single download page for any driver ar graphics card model you have, this driver package is very big and also takes a long time to install in your PC.


The driver pack has two versions one is speed- tweaks version and another is WHQL certified version, this version is much older but more reliable. If you think to upgrade your drive than uninstall the pre-Installed drivers to prevent the crashed issue and then install the newer version.

Next-Levels Visual Experience

The Nvidia best feature is for image settings and then increase your visual experience to increase your gaming experience. This feature can modify your game's resolution and imagery according to your PC and graphics card to make it better.

The feature contain many those control factors like texture quality, anti-aliasing, resolution, etc. This feature can improve image speed and quality and the result is great also check the " Adventure 3D image setting" commend, this feature can override certain presents and also apply new effects that make your game like rocket i.e so fast and smooth.

Some Important Feature of Panel
  1. Ambient Occlusion 
This is a very simple tool but much more effective which makes your game light better, game light mains it improves shadow and lighting details of the game.
                                                                                      But it also affects the framerate of the game which makes it buffer, in that case, just check the performance option.

2. Anisotropic Filtering

This feature is especially for image quality texture filtering which increases your game textures and image quality. This can make your graphics like realistic and attractive, if you have the latest PC with the latest Graphics card and Intel i5 and i7 processor then all changes you make are applied properly.

3. Anti-Aliasing (FXAA)

This feature is helpful for those how don't have or play games without any anti-aliasing tools. The tool can reduce the Randing of a game and make it run smoothly and also have the ability to enhance the image quality.

4. Dynamic Super Resolution

If you have a gaming PC but you have any problem playing any game, or the resolution of a game is larger ar smaller according to your PC then it adjusts your gaming Resolution. It also improves the quality of game resolution to play the game smoothly without any frame rate fall.


Nvidia Has many more features or you said tool which increases your gaming experience much better then you except. Some of then are Power Management Mod Texture Filtering and Vertical sync. These all feature has not very easy to understand, so if you do any wrong setting and your game is not working then must click to reset button and all setting is returned to the default setting.

Feature to Run the Program

Nvidia is not needed any high Feature PC it all need that:-

OS:- Window 10 Version 17134.0 or higher
Direct X:- Version 9
Memory:- 1GB

You can also increase the direct X even version 11 or Nvidia DCH Display graphics Driver.

Main Highlight of NVIDIA

More features, fully customize your gaming experience NVIDIA lightweight version: GeForce Experience Powerful tools to enhance your Gameplay. A not satisfying new look and setting you can adjust easily to install in window 7 and older just restart the PC easily run stream and basically feature this is tool for you.

Nvidia Control Panel for Windows and Complete Information-Gaming Tadka Nvidia Control Panel for Windows and Complete Information-Gaming Tadka Reviewed by Gaming Tadka on March 19, 2020 Rating: 5

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