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Sniping is a very important part of any shooting game and in pubg like games which is very trending nowadays and there are many players which have the next level of skills like Athena and Dynamo which have a good level sniping skills.

Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile
Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile

This player can practice for a long time to achieve that level of sniping so if you want to achieve that level then you need to follow the following steps which improve your writing skill in 2 or 3 weeks.


1:- Crossair Position
2:- Speed
3:- Accuracy
4:- Bullet Drop

All these factors are very important for your sniping training and this will help you to increase the sniping skills and this training can also help you to improve the assault rifle aiming and fire recoil.

When you practice this all factor then you can fail maximum time but cannot stop training due to that failures it makes you better and better every day and you can see the result in some days that you can improve your sniping skills so must practice every day.

1:- CrossAir Position

Crossair is the floating target that you can see always on the screen or in the middle of the screen which you can. Towards the enemy and fire to kill then. If you want to train yourself in sniping then you know when you open any scope or large scope like 4x, 6x, or 8x then your crossair is going down the word that is if your crossair is aiming towards the enemy head and then you open the scope then it will go down that is it will aim to the chest or stomach of that enemy because it will zoom in towards the enemy so it will give you the perfect aim.

Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile
CrossAir in Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile

So if you will train yourself for sniping then always put the crossair above from the head of that enemy but an only little bit because if you are too far from the enemy then the CrossAir and scope will open at the same point and also take care about the bullet drop which we will discuss next in the training session.

2:- Speed

Speed is the important factor when you going to sniping because when you're going to sniping practice or snipe to word enemy then you need to be very fast by movement and your firing speed because it is very important to fire instant when the enemy is in your target.


If you want to improve your speed then you need to play the TDM and Deathmatch in pubg mobile but in only silent mode because when you play pubg in silent mode then you cannot listen to any footstep of the player so it will come surprisingly from anywhere and it will help you to take immediate decision and fire that enemy and it will increase your reflexes and your movement.

3:- Accuracy

Accuracy is a measuring element in sniping because when you aim someone then your aim is going to the perfect place that is when you open the scope and it will go in the wrong side and you need to adjust that aim towards the enemy then it will take time and the enemy can kill you or knock you down in that time.

Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile
Speed and Accuracy in Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile

So accuracy is much important in sniping because when you open your aim or your scope toward the enemy then you can immediately shoot them down and kill that enemy which can also be called quick scope which we can practice in TDM and in that match.

The best way to increase your sniping and accuracy skill then you can go to the training room and you can practice there at least 1 to 1 and half time and use only sleeping with 4x or 6x because it will be easy to find that scope in the game and try to aim to the moving part in the training room.

4:- Bullet Drop

Bullet drop is a very important factor you want to know if you want to do sniping in the game then the knowledge of bullet drop is very important to know because if you do not know about the bullet drop then you can not shoot any enemy perfectly in the match.

Bullet drop is that where we can calculate that how far a gun can fire a bullet so it will go to the straight line and after how much distance traveled the speed of the bullet going down and the bullet also drops to the ground.

Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile
Bullet Drop in Sniping Practice In PUBG Mobile

As we know that Kar 98 in pubg mobile is a good sniper but it have a high bullet drop then the M24 sniper which can fire more fastly any bullet then the Kar 98 and if you're talking about AWM then this Sniper is too dangerous in the game or it will only get in the airdrop which have the Great firing speed and the bullet drop is too low of that Gun.

If you can fire a bullet from the Kar 98 at a distance of 300m or longer then you need to put your aim letter higher than the enemy to hit that Bullet because it will go down after that distance so it will we touch to the ground and you cannot hit the enemy. But when you fire that bullet with M24 then it may we hit to the enemy because the fire speed is higher than the Kar 98.

So you must master all these factors because when you master all that factor then your aiming and your sniping is going to the next level but keep practice everyday so you cannot decrease your skill. This training can also help you to improve your assault aiming and also help you to control your recoil because when your accuracy is increased then you can also fire enemy immediately.

But the main thing is when you going to sniping then you need to decrease your crossair gyroscope because when your gyro is on and it will be high then you cannot stable your aim to the enemy and it will be hard to fire in that vibration motion.

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