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FPS Encounter Shooting is the best game for those how to love the shooting game and FPS game, so I must check this game and I hope you like it. The game has doesn't consume any energy when you play the game, so you can easily play this game for an unlimited time.

FPS Encounter Shooting 2020
FPS Encounter Shooting 2020

In the game there is Christmas special weapon is added, so you can enjoy the different weapon that is also present in real life or called real-life weapons. The graphics of the have very attractive and also have a very attractive user interface which gives you unique gaming experience.


Size:- 32MB
Download:- 10,000,000+
Version:- 1.59
Upload ON:- 17/03/2020

This game is hard to finish but if you defeat all the enemy then you see the animation of the bullet in the last kill of the enemy. The best part of the game is that it is offline and does not cause any internal problem, so you can enjoy the game if your recharge is finished and the game is free in play store and trending in #1 in the Playstore game category.

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The game has over 500+ thrilling mission which and if you love sniping or want to improve your sniping then it also have many sniper mission The game is offline but don't think that this game is very easy to complete AI system so every enemy adapted your tactics.

The game has a great and high or real challenge with sniper and assault rifle missions or challenges you can complete.

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