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We all know That Clash of Clans is a Very popular Game in Android Devices and there are also many kinds of Tournament held of this game In the Gaming Industry, this game is free to play in play store and also available in IOS. The game is a Strategy Game where you can build your base and train some troops and fight against the other players in that level of the town hall.

In the Latest Update by Supercell Townhall 13 is now available and also have any kind of new troops is now also available like Royal Champion with her Trusty Spear and Crushing Seeking Shield. Here you Can Latest News and Updates which will come By SuperCell.

Latest Updates Of Clash Of Clans

1:- Wrong Donation Update 

In this Update, you can get the feature where you get an option in which you can request Troops which their image attaches in the donation message. This Update is very useful and also very harmful for those how to give always the wrong donations and say that he will send that troops by mistake.

2:- Clan Castle Troops Deploy

Now after this update Clan Castle Troops will now deploy in a specific order that you can see below

  • Lowest housing space troops deploy first.
  • If housing space is equal then it's based on its internal ID.
  • Finally by Lowest Level Troops is Delpoy First.


3:- Research Potions Boost

After this update Research, Potions now boost your laboratory speedy 24x instead of 10x but the cost of the research potions is now 120 Gems, up from 70 Gems in the Trader's Daily Deals.

4:- Clan Games Rewards Claiming

This update contains the information in which When Claiming rewards from Clan Games and if you don't have space in your inventory then when you collect that thing then it will give you gems, and the Gems received is based on the normal price that specific item sells for.

5:- Friendly Challenges 

Introducing Clan Castle Troops for friendly Challenges: These Function just like the Clan Castle troops in legend league in that once you set then, they remain filled and unchanged until you manually change then again.

6:- Skins Change 

Clash Of Clans
Clash Of Clans News And Updates

When you change the skin then you need to change it by clicking side by side but now you can get all the skin in one table as you can see in the picture.

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Some More News Of Clash Of Clans

  • The Grand Warden AI Has Been Adjusted to make him less likely to follow Xetimites.
  • The eagle Artillery will give less priority to targeting Yetimites.
  • Make warden less Likely to follow and help other Heroes.

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