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In Today's life gaming is also a great option to make a career and to make your life luxurious there are many other options to earn money in the Gaming industry, for example, become a gamer in which you can play games and promote that game or become a Streamer or a Game tester.


Become a gamer is very difficult because it contains also a degree to enter the gaming industry but you can also become a gamer at home just you need is some interest in gaming or some instrument that was PC, Good Gaming Skills, Great Reflexes, and main is an Internet connection.

PC:- PC is a major element you need to become a gamer at home but you need a very powerful gaming PC that handle any game in load very easily. A powerful gaming pc is not just give smooth gameplay but also help to improve your gaming skill, if your PC is low-end PC then it will cause lag and many other problems which are not good for your practice.

If you want me to give you a list the best gaming PC build up parts then comment below and I will make the list of best gaming PC equipment.

You can also make your own gaming PC all you need is that parts which used to make a PC that is RAM, Hard Disk SSD, Graphic Card, CPU Body and also a liquid cooling system that makes your CPU cool when you play the high graphic games. I will also make an article of all the parts that will discuss in our in detail if you want then just comment below.


If you also become a streamer then all the things is also needed to become steamer but the main thing is a webcam because a facecam and commentary is also needed. The main reason which fails the steaming is that they do not add a funny commentary in their videos and the viewers how to watch the stream are feeling bore and they leave the live stream.

Funny commentary is a major element to succeed in streaming because people not only see your gameplay but they need to entertain with your video so must add a different but effective commentary that affect the audience.


Gaming Skills:- if you have a great powerful gaming PC then that is not ok to become a gamer because it is also very important that you have that gaming skill because if you go to any gaming industry then they see that how high your gaming skills and how you can adapt the gaming environment to win the game and make it your own way.

If you want streaming channel then you do not need a good or God-level game is skills but you have that ability and uniqueness voice to entertain the viewers but it will not work in the gaming industry because they need a good gamer which understands the game and they see all the skills you have to finish that game which make you a game tester.

How to improve your gaming skill to become a gamer.

If you want to improve the gaming skill in a particular field that is shooting fighting and many more then you need to practice more and more to increase your gaming skills. I give you the following topics which you can follow then you can increase your gaming skills

1:- Practice
2:- Gaming Emulator for Shooting


1:- Practice

The practice is the very measured thing which helps you to improve your gaming skills in a particular field that is if you want to improve your gaming skill in pubg like games which are very trending nowadays then there are are many players which said that de plays the training mode over 3 hours a day to improve their pubg gaming skills.

You can also improve your aim and also reflex offline from various emulator that aims master and there are many other emulators for mobile and PC  you will find in the internet and you can practice there for free but make sure that the sensitivity is same in that emulator to the game you can play otherwise you cannot play that game properly due to the sensitivity.

If you want to improve your fighting game then the main thing is combo practice, games like Tekken and Streetfighter are very famous game and also have a high-level tournament play in Japan and China with the player have great combo skills in which they hit over an 8 to 15 combo in one time which increase their chance to win the match.


Emulator is the best thing to improve the gaming skill is a shooting or fighting if you want to improve the shooting skill then you can search emulator in the internet for mobile and PC the best emulator is aim master which you can get from internet for free you can see many more emulator for practice for both assault practice and sniping practice if you want me to give the list of the best emulator for practice then comment below.


Not just emulator can help you to improve your game but you can also play different small games like COD which also available in smaller version which help you to improve your gaming and also movement but the main thing is to play all games in the same sensitivity in which you can play your original game and improve that game.

Great reflexes

For great gameplay, you can have a high reflex which can help you in the game for make a quick decision in between the game which is very important because when you trap between a whole opponent team then you can take a quick decision that is how to face them and how fast you can switch the guns in pubg mobile and defeat your enemy and knock down them all.

To improve the reflex and active mindset then you can practice in the game in training mode which can help you a lot if you want me to give you a proper detail to improve your gaming reflexes then just comment below and I write a complete article.

For great reflexes you need active mindset which help you to make a decision in the game for that you can also play that TDM and also training mode is best but when you play the TDM then must play it in silence mode which improve your reflexes because you cannot listen the footstep of the enemy team and they will come surprisingly which increase your reflexes and movement in between the game.

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