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The Witcher 3:-wild hunt is the action role-playing game that is published by CD Projekt. This game is based on the witcher series of fantasy novels which is written by Andrzej Sapkowsk. The game is an open-world game of third-person game the character in the game is a monster Hunter which is known as Witcher. this character is looking for his missing adopted daughter which is captured by otherworldly force to you use her power.

In the game there is a lot of danger with weapons and also have magics you can interact with many nonplayers character and try to complete the main stories and also complete side quests to gain experience and upgrade your character to unlock higher abilities.


The points and gold in the game you will get are used to increase Geralt's abilities and you can also purchase pieces of equipment. the game has many different ending that depends on the player that which path he will choose to complete the game.

Developer:- CD Projekt red
Publisher:- CD Projekt
Platforms:- Windows, PS 4, Xbox One and switch
Released on:- For Windows, PS4, Xbox One- 19/May.2015
Switch- 15/oct/2019
Mode:- Single- Player

Information about the character

The witcher 3:- wild hunt is the action role-playing game and the character in the game has great ability. The character can walk Run roll and dodges and even jump climb and also swim he has a variety of weapons which include bombs crossbow and also have two swords.

These words, one is a steel sword and another is a silver sword the steel sword is good for kill humans while another hand silver sword is great for creature and monster hunting. The character in the game have two types of attack in which one attack is light which is fast but the damage of this attack is week but in another hand, they also have a heavy attack which stronger than the light attack which is very helpful while attacking humans and also moster which hard to kill.

The player can even block the attack of the enemy and also counter attack to them and more chance to kill them easily. the blocking and counter-attacking he doing by this sword he will have but the sword needs regular repair to kill more enemies. if we talk about the physical ability or tag of the player then he has five different types of a magical sign that is Aard, Axii, Lgni, Yrden, and Quen.
  • The Aard high power which will make the telekinetic blast.
  • Axii has great power wild there is stronger anime than you so this power can you confuse them.
  • Igni is best in that situation where there is lots of a number of the enemy come at the same time because the power has the ability to burn them all.
  • Yrden is best for the last enemy because the power is to slow down the enemies.
  • Quen it gives you temporary shield production.

Features of witcher 3 wild hunter and all updates

Here is some of the feature of the game and also have all update information and all this feature you can experience when you install the game and play it the first time.

1:- Set in a fantasy world.
2:- In the game, you are the professional monster Hunter.
3:- The story is best to find your missing child.
4:- Great leader and boss are waiting for you in the game.
5:- Great weather system which changes over time.
6:- Day and night will be changed according to the time of the game.

System requirement

Operating system:- Windows 7 8 8.1 and 10
CPU:- Intel Core i5 or higher
Ram:- 6GB
Setup size:- 37 GB
Hard disc space:- 40 GB

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